Montreal Response

People have been expecting me to write an article. Montreal passes BSL. Dogs will be killed in droves. Everyone goes off. They’re waiting for me to jump on the rant wagon.

But, you know what……

I don’t even have it in me.

I’m sick.


And, have been for years.

This is not a new problem that just sprouted up in Montreal like some fucking zombie outbreak. It is the kind of long term festering, fear mongering, that quietly leads seemingly decent people to fucking mass murder.

30 years ago I took my first rescue Pit and started trying to change minds one at a time.

I’ve had Pits on my Martial Arts mats that entire time being ambassadors for the breed to thousands of people.

in 2011 I started my first dog related blog to try to give them a voice.

For the last few years I have been traveling the country doing workshops specifically to educate people about these dogs.

And yet….. here we are. More ignorance. More death.

Makes me want to cry. Or puke.

Fortunately for me….. The fact that I’ve been in this fight for a while means I’ve already written the articles. So…. I’m just going to re-post them here.

In Defense Of Bully Breeds (re human aggression)

Changed My Mind On Pit Bulls And Dog Aggression

Turned On By Conflict

Is “Pit Bull” A Breed

Read. Learn. Fight the ignorance. Punish the people…. Not the dog.

Fuck BSL. Fuck Irresponsible Owners & Breeders. Fuck Montreal.

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