Micheal Ellis On Relationship

Ellis discusses the importance, and effect of relationship in training. Focus on relationship. Almost can’t go wrong!

“Useful” Stress

This was posted on Facebook by The Naughty Dogge. One of the best things I’ve seen! Had to Share: “As I look around at the kid’s soccer games where no team wins, I wonder what this result will look like in adults. Then I realize I know. The stress that comes with not-winning is what builds character; though that stress …

Building and Breaking Trust

Everyone that reads this thing regularly, knows I do a lot of training through game play. And, not in the surface “Create a reward event to make them work” sort if way. But, in a profound way. Almost a spiritually fulfilling way. It impacts so many different levels. Gives activity which is physically healthy. Gives psychological fulfillment, as the activities …

Quick Reference: Body language

Posted these a while back. But came up at a workshop last week, so I thought I’d repost: “Is Language Ruining Our Ability To Communicate?” “Non Verbal Training” Enjoy!

Break Stick Response

The article I wrote opposed to break sticks is the highest rated post I’ve ever written. And…… It’s because everyone hated it. I see the pages and posts that refer people to it, and they all think I’m an asshole. Apparently, the way to unite the wannabe tough guy Pit Bull bro, and the “pibble lover” hippie, is to take …