We Work Out Together!

Here’s a pic of our pack’s morning. After our morning walk/jog/CaniCross, we hit the garage. The weights in the front are for my workout…… The weights on the sled is for them to do weight pull after their rest break. The treadmill…… That, we all use! Good stuff!

3 Bad Bullies Out For A Walk

Yep, These are the monsters we named this gig after. You have no idea how much work went in to that picture. I don’t mean posing it. I mean making it possible. Mabel’s 6 week in-house rehab under a professional behaviorist. Milo and Bella’s own obedience work. Tight pack structure protocols at the house. And finally, working leash manners with …

Roberts Farm CaniCross Oct 20th!

We did this race last year with Milo and it was a blast! Not as crowded as the Pineland Farm CaniCross, so maybe a bit less intimidating for a beginner. If your dog is environmentally unsound, or dog/people aggressive this obviously isn’t a smart thing to try without planning! But, have hope. With a solid training plan, you can get …

What is Exercise Therapy Anyway

There is a “Biologically Appropriate” amount of exercise that all animals need to achieve optimal physical and mental health. No animal can reach their full potential without it. Dogs are no different. The problem is, in balancing a dog’s need for exercise with a dog’s need for structure. To rehabilitate a dog, they need to have extremely tight structure for …

And So….. It Begins

Well, here it is ladies and gentlemen. Your new partners in managing your difficult little muts! Stay tuned for all the helpful insights, interesting info, and client stories we can muster!