To Pull Or Not To Pull Continued…

OK…. We got some feedback on the last article. So…. Needed to follow up.
Complaint#1- We said Loaner Harnesses Are Bad:

We had a few people get in a tizzy over this. Many clubs have loaner harnesses. So they thought we were bagging on them for that. Let me clarify:

The loaner harness comment was aimed at people who run weight pull clubs that have loaner harnesses as in…. The ONLY time the dogs are in harnesses is ON THE CART. Obviously…. That’s a shit idea. Clearly…. Having a harness that a dog can wear for a while to get acclimated to the idea of a harness…. Or loaning a harness to someone so they can actually DO drag work while they wait a few months for theirs to get here…. Those types of uses of loaner harnesses are obviously, totally sensible.

But…. The disturbing trend in the world of weight pull, is a new generation of clubs not really caring about foundation work. Drag work etc….

There are clubs that regularly put dogs on carts who don’t even own a harness. They cant even pretend to do drag work!!! They don’t even have a harness! You KNOW they aren’t dragging. But… These people week after week, load up the cart for max effort work. And when that doesn’t work because they haven’t learned to love the dig from drag work… They use bait to get the dog to work. And then, they go to compulsion. (but that whole bait/compulsion discussion is just a whole different can of pissed off we’ll have to open another day)

This comment was for THOSE folks. The people that loan out harnesses for max effort work, without actually conditioning the dog to being able to handle it. That is the type of shit that comment was directed it.

If that doesn’t sound like you or your club…. Awesome! I’m glad to know you. And we weren’t talking about you.

If that describes you or your club…. Well…. Then I am talking about you. And… I don’t really care if you get mad. Cause you’re kinda ruining Weight Pull, and doing dogs a disservice. So…. unfriend me…. Hold your breath and pout. Whatever you gotta do.

Complaint #2 We Said Competition May Not Be For Everyone:

Unlike #1…. This was ACTUALLY the point of the dam article!

We did not say competing is Weight Pull was bad. It isn’t. It CAN BE awesome. That’s why we have attended, helped host, and started a new organization to sanction Pulls!!!! It has a plethora of amazing benefits. Ones that we have been writing about on the blog for YEARS!!!! Go look.

What we did say…. and stand by… is that COMPETITIVE weight pull isn’t for every dog. But DRAG WORK IS!!!! That was the point. Even if you don’t have ANY plans on pulling giant ass weight. EVERY dog should be doing some drag. We are on a crusade for people to see drag work as an amazing stand alone modality. And not just as a gateway to the track. We are working really hard on the idea of presenting Drag Work in this new way. Stay tuned!

Complaint #3 We Said Competition Is Bad:

We didn’t even say this!

But…. Internet is just Swahili for inference. (Or… At least that’s what a meme I saw said.)

Clearly…. We started our own competition in GRC Dogsports. So… we can’t think competition is necessarily bad. But one of the most difficult parts of THAT project… Is encouraging people to not fuck it up by cutting corners!!! For example…. Skipping drag work.

Competitions can be SUPER motivating.

But…. like I said, we don’t think they are for literally every single dog ever. And If people only see drag work as a gateway to competitive pulling…. So many dogs will miss out on the amazing benefits of the drag work. So…. Pushing people towards the cart is missing the point in our eyes.

The point of the article was to sing the praises of the Drag. And show that the track isn’t where ALL the magic happens. The magic is in the drag.

OK…. Hope that helped clear it all up.

Now… Get out there and work your damn dog!!!!



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