Flexis= Useful Tool, Or Work Of The Devil?

This topic annoys the hell out of me.

There’s just no use of logic with people about these things.

The thing that pisses me off about most of the folks that bag on these:

1- They are OK with long lines.

Dude….. It’s a long line. Look…. There’s totally a time for a long DRAG line. Like…. When I’m doing ALL of my foundation training. Or letting the dog have a bit of liberty with a drag line for a safety net. Sure…. That is where a long line is superior. But….. as anyone that has used a long line to actually communicate with precision knows: You have to manage the line so you can use the leash with good timing! Flexis win hands down. You have precise, timing with zero line management effort. There’s no question…… Flexis win.

Look, I know the argument….. Douche-bag owners reading a text while their dogs go around a corner and tie themselves in knots around helpless unsuspecting people.

But…. guess what……

Their douche-bags!!!!!!

If you gave that asshole a long line, they’d do the same fucking thing.

Unless you have an objection to the actual length of leash you can’t really throw a fit about in what manner the slack is managed. That’s just silly. Really.

2- They use E-Collars

What the fuck? Really? You guys piss and moan about people judging tools all day. But….. “That tool really is stupid no matter how it’s used.” Hypocrite much? I mean come on… Either tools are valued on how they’re used or they’re not. You can’t argue it both ways.

3- The constant tension argument

I’ve tested my model of Flexi (Large/All belt)….. and it’s about 6 ounces. Not only is that a entirely inconsequential amount…… The smallest E-Collar on the market is listed at 8 oz. So…. yeah….. Incidentally, everyone that has ever used that argument with me has been an E-Collar trainer. But…. Even if you aren’t I find it hard to imagine that 6 oz from constantly varied angles could be more detrimental than any other tool.

4- You can’t hold them

Already covered in video.

5- No real trainer would ever be caught dead with them

Well….. Ivan Balabanov uses them a ton. In truth he’s the one that made me feel like I could come “out” about them, after watching him do basically everything except IPO specific stuff on them. Michael Ellis uses them in several of his videos. And, Martin Deeley told me he has used them for some stuff. And…. If you think those names aren’t “real”….. I really don’t know how to have this conversation with you.

So… To Summarize:

Flexis were not patented by Satan. The plastic is not infused with the tears of abused babies. If you use them thoughtfully, and with skill, they can be an amazing tool. Plenty of amazing trainers use them. You’re not a bad person. And…. You’re not alone.

Fly your Flexi flag high!



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