Points vs Goals

I have to say this so much that I decided that I had to write an article, so I can just paste the link and save myself the trouble!

In game play there is a point. And then…. There is a goal.

You put your kid in football to learn to be part of a team. To learn delayed gratification. Goal setting. Self esteem. Etc…. These are the “Points” of putting them in football.

But….. when they catch the ball…. You don’t say “Go Johnny!!!!! Be a good sport! Develop character!”

When he catches the ball…. What do you scream?

RUN!!!!! Get The touchdown!!!!!!

THAT is the goal. In basketball it’s a basket. In a race it’s to cross first. Etc….

But in every game…. there is a goal.

Not a “Point”…… A GOAL

Sure….. you can “play” and not have a goal. But that’s not a “game”. That is just play.

And, there’s a time for that. But, It ain’t a game.

And that is a HUGE distinction.

Games have a massive motivational quality. Way more than just generic play.

Watch kids play. They may just goof around and throw a ball back and forth. But, sooner or later they’ll establish a GAME. They’ll make rules, and goals and penalties.

People have dedicated their entire existence to games. Literally.

But no one has ever dedicated their lives to playing catch.

Cause it’s not a game. It’s just play. So it loses layers of motivation.

So…. Questions you gotta ask yourself……

What is the “point” of the session? Fulfillment, bonding, tightening up positions, responding to verbal cues, etc…. (Make sure it’s structured to hit your target)

Is this “Play”, or a “Game”?  (Maybe your target “points” can be hit with either?)

And…. If it’s supposed to be a game….

What’s the “Goal”?

Cause if you don’t have one….. You dog doesn’t either.

And you could be losing a HUGE amount of motivation.






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