Gameness….. The Most Beautiful Word In The World.

“Gameness is the most important trait in the world. Because, it’s the one that allows all the other valuable traits to matter. If you are honest….. But only when it’s easy…… You suck. If you are compassionate….. But give that idea up the moment shit becomes tough…… you suck. Gameness is the first and most important trait. It opens the door to allow all your other admirable traits to come out. Without gameness…… none of your other good qualities matter at all. Cause, they can just evaporate.”

I said this in a conversation yesterday. We were talking about the public perception of the word Gameness.

See… I am starting a dog sport club. And I am using all the old classic games of the APBT. Weight Pull, Wall Climb, Treadmill Race, and Spring Pole. I am adding control and behavior requirements because I want to show that dogs can have drive AND control. In my mind this will be like Shutzhund for the Bulldog. Displays the qualities we love about that breed, by playing “their” games. But, it’s open to all breeds to come and celebrate it too. (It’s about celebrating the qualities of the individual dog…. Not the breed)

Which brings me to the qualities.

I am calling it GRC Dog Sports.

Gameness. Relationship. Control.

I called it that because I literally wanted to list the traits we are trying to celebrate and develop.

And I have received a lot of push back from people. People feel like Gameness is a “tainted” word. And will make it come across wrong. And…. They’re right. It is. And that infuriates me. I want the word back.

Gameness means that no amount of pain, or fatigue, or threat of injury or death, can keep you from continuing your chosen task.

Rosa Parks was game. The guy that stood up to the tanks at Tiananmen Square. The monk that self immolated with a straight face. Those guys were deeply Game. Good SAR dogs are game. Good hunting dogs are game. It’s not a “Pit Fighting” word. It’s just a word! They used it. But, it’s not “their” word.

It’s our word. And it’s beautiful.

True to the idea that I love….. I won’t stop using that word to make things easy. I love that word. It NEEDS to be appreciated for the beautiful thing it is. It needs to be brought back out of the mud cleaned off and allowed to be revered. I will use that word. If it makes stuff harder……. so be it.

I’m going to keep using it.


Oh…. And…… Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this club idea of mine. Been working on it quietly for a while. Very close to starting it. Gonna be super rad!!!!

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  1. Danielle

    Can’t wait to hear more about the club. I think Laynie and I are getting there with our GRC skills! (Maybe there will actually be a sport my little gremlin/monkey and I can compete in!) P.S. I also want to try some wall climb/jumping with her. That do will do ANYTHING for a Frisbee!

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