Interruptions In Play

By now…… Everyone knows I like play as my main training modality.

And, a lot of the efficacy IS in biological fulfillment, and drive expression. But…….  a HUGE part of the efficacy of this training is in throwing the brakes!!!!!!


A big part of training in drive, or, arousal is the ability to fluently switch OUT of drive.

Complete emotional control. THAT is the point!

In tug, and toy play in general, the first interruption is the “Out”.

But…. It’s not just the ability to get the toy back. It is more than that. See it for the value that it has. A development, and test, of self regulation. It is the foundation of all training. Switching from high drive, to acquiescence, at your signal.

That IS the training.


And, for me it isn’t just in toy play!

With food play, it is “Leave It”.


With personal play it’s “Easy”.


(wait……. wrong pic…..)


(there we go)

So with ALL those games….. The interruptions are the essence of training. The point!!!!

The “Engine” takes all the attention…. But the “Brakes” are the secret benefit to the games!

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