Ivan Balabanov: TrainPerView.com!!!!


Ivan has been a huge influence on my work. Honestly…. outside Chad Mackin, he is the biggest single influence.

I have been studying his material since I got into dogs and earlier this year had the chance to meet and study with him in person.

More importantly, by some stroke of good luck…. became friends.

Since then, I have been watching him develop his new project TrainPerView.com.

And, let me tell you……


If you are into dog training in ANY capacity you will learn something valuable.

Don’t breeze over it because you’re not into IPO or bite sports. As much as it is geared towards that I’m telling you, I apply this stuff to rehab and all sorts of other non “related” areas.

If you have studied with me, or plan to….

The videos called “Possession Games”, “Chase and Catch”, and “Treat Chasing” will basically be required watching!

Seriously, they are my foundation!

Anyway….. He’s finally gone public with it, and I’ve been waiting for months to yell about it from the rooftops, so here it is……


Check it out!!!!!

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