Learn YOUR Dog!

Every dog is different.

Even in something as seemingly simple as game play.

It’s like kids. Some want to play soccer. Some want to play rugby. Some want to do MMA!!!!

It’s your job to learn YOUR dog!!!!!

Find the game THEY find more rewarding. Don’t just insist on the one you want to play.

I was guilty of that for years. But…. once you let go of that. You will be able to play more effectively!

Here’s clips of me playing with 3 different dogs. And all the games are different:

The better you are at the game….. The better you are at adjusting to the dog in front of you!

Now….. There can be a reason to steer them towards one over the other.

Jaxxy’s game was more for as obedience reward event during that session.

Cheif’s game was really focusing on the toggle between relaxation and arousal.

Aubry’s game was building engagement, and social drive.

You may need to start with game that is more rewarding, and then guide them towards the game that will be the best for their work/rehab needs.

Aubry’s game may look just like Jax’s one day, if they want to really hone in on obedience.

And, Jax’s game may look like the one Chief was playing next session.

The point is….. To accomplish anything….. You need to be able to learn YOUR dog.

Training the game is a great way to do that, AND develop a reward event!

Once you find the style they love. IF you need to…. You, can steer them that direction more skillfully.

There’s a whole world of training in something as simple as just playing the game.

Now….. go learn your dog!


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