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  1. Cyn

    So you rename place, long stays and what looks like a set up for out of sight stays? Middle aged ladies been doing this for 50 years at obedience clubs for way cheaper.

    1. 3badbullies

      While I appreciate your cynicism, I have shown this drill to some of the worlds best dog trainers (Chad Mackin, Martin Deeley, Tony Ancheta, Tyler Muto, and others), And they all have considered it innovative and useful.
      I have shared it with high level protection specific trainers (Marc McCabe, Paul Anthony, and others), and they have agreed that the elements of building the dogs confidence in the handler’s willingness to intervene, is an original derivation.
      So….. When I compare the opinions of those folks, to a random person on the web, I tend to listen to them.
      The fact that you can’t see the difference between that drill and an old school long stay, tells me that you either have no eye for training, or you’re just determined not to like me.
      Fortunately for me, I gave my last fuck when I was eight.

  2. Jake Gene

    That’s the thing with dog training (or one of the things) an exercise can look the same or nearly the same to us, but to us what are subtleties are nuances can be huge to the dog. For example, having a toy or treat out and asking the dog for attention vs. having the dog make the toy/treat come out by giving attention first.

    But after watching video, I’m not really seeing this as much of a set up for the AKC OB out of sight stay, which also involves a line of other dogs of varying sizes and dispositions. And AKC OB people often don’t care if the dog is stressed, doing the behavior is more what it is about than worrying about the dog’s stress level so long as it doesn’t mess up the routine.

    Cool stuff Jay, thanks for sharing.

  3. Adam

    Awesome Jay. Much like BJJ techniques, I had everything down but the details haha.

    Great to SEE it so I could clarify a couple things. I’m sure it is a pain in the ass but I dig these training vids. Inside look at Jay Jack the trainer.

    You know you’re doing something when the haters come out!

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